Pay and Get Paid With BitCode

Request and make payments using BitCode

Introducing a seamless crypto payment experience

Request Bitcode

With BitBarter Bitcode you can request payments to be made to your BitBarter account even when the payer is not a BitBarter user.

Make Bitcode Payment

Even non BitBarter users can make payment to BitBarter users with Bitcode.

Send Bitcode Voucher

BitBarter users can generate crypto vouchers and send them to other BitBarter users or to users who are yet to be BitBarter users.

Redeem Bitcode Voucher

This remains the most secured way to receive crypto without the risk of losing your assets through on-chain mistakes.

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Say goodbye to unfair fees and charges. Request, Pay, Send and Receive crypto with BitBarter users and non-users.

BitBarter Bitcode remains the fastest and safest way to send and receive crypto from your friends and family around the world. All with a simple tap.

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